Dalton Law Firm

Hospice Page, Law

The Dalton Law firm fills a speciality niche known as Elder Law. Though the baby boomer population is growing, changes in Medicare law are dramatically changing the ability of Elder Law attorneys to profit. In fact, a major field of services for these attorneys is rapidly eroding. Dalton needed to redefine their firm and create a new service niche that would not be affected by changes in legislation.


Anoroc focused on developing a brand platform that defined the unique selling position of Dalton Law Firm. Methodology was created that communicated critical brand imagery that resonated with targets, creating purchase intent and long-term brand equity.

The creative direction for the campaign focused on the psychological positioning of the target at the time in their lives when estate planning would be of interest. Research demonstrated this to be a period of reflection, where the past, memories of life events, and life’s transformations became more important holding deep emotional impact.