5 Tips to Increase Mutli-family Marketing Potential

From the moment a prospective resident lays eyes on your building they have already made several assumptions about the property. These first impressions are crucial and it’s important to manage your brand in a way that promotes the best possible initial reactions.

By following these reminders you can ensure that your multi-family property reflects the values you’ve built into your brand.

1- Image is Everything

Your image is what will stay with prospective residents the longest. It may not be the most substantive or meaningful, but that mental image of your property is what visitors will remember with the greatest detail. Ensure that the building is well lit and appears approachable at first glance. A full parking lot can be a minor frustration to current residents, but a first time visitor may find this to be a good reason to drive past or come back at a later date. Staff that are readily available and smiling can create a warm first impression.

2- Ensure Staff are at Their Best

As the representative of your organization, the building manager is the first contact that visitors will meet. If they are inattentive, unfriendly or absent, prospective residents may write off the apartment, regardless of amenities and other selling points.

3- Preview the Lifestyle

Instead of showing a room with a disconnected water supply, stock photographs and other hallmarks of an unused space, put extra effort into making the room look lived in. If there’s a view, help them picture the sunsets and the sunrises.

4- It’s all in the Handshake

Essential to a good first impression, the handshake at the beginning and end of a meeting sends a positive signal to potential residents. A firm yet gentle grip complemented with a smile and good eye contact is appropriate for all visitors.

5- Make the Takeaways Terrific

Prospective residents are not only making their decision based on their experience. They are also going to be scrutinizing any leave behind materials. Therefore it is important that your brochures and other marketing materials. A well made, high – quality brochure can be a constant reminder of how your property can accommodate the wants and needs of future residents.

By following these reminders, you can begin to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward with regards to first impressions. Every detail can affect a prospects likelihood of pursuing your property (both controllable and incontrollable). With this in mind, take the time to control what you can.