Brand building: 3 qualities of great brands

In today’s overcrowded market, consumers are increasingly making their purchasing decisions based certain “brand qualities” rather than product or service itself. Consumers want to know the story behind the brand. They want to connect with brands on a deeper level, as these brands have an increasingly important role in the daily life of a consumer.

After nearly 20 years strategic brand building, Anoroc has compiled a list of three key qualities that are at the heart of solid brands.


Customers consistently rate Patagonia clothing company as one of the top outdoor gear brands. The reason behind much of the admiration is that Patagonia’s customers know that the brand is dedicated to the environment. The “1% for the Planet” campaign, along with the co-founders’ love for the outdoors presents an anchor for fans to connect on a deeper level. “We can see a direct correlation between consumers that care about the environment and a consistent pattern of brand loyalty, one that is unaffected by price or function,” said Creative Director Alex Midgett.


When consumers feel that a brand truly understands them, the possibilities for growth are nearly unlimited. Take for example, Dos Equis. Their recent “Most Interesting Man” campaign was a major success. The key reason being that the adult beverage brand understood that today’s consumers have much less brand loyalty than they did in previous generations. Instead of trying to steer consumers to not drink wine or liquor, Dos Equis presents a tongue in cheek perspective with the line “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis”. Audiences responded and “sales increased by an all-time high of 22% while other import beer sales fell”.


According to a recent study by Customer Experience Consultancy Empathica, nearly 85% of consumers left feedback at big box retail stores, yet only 46% felt that it would improve customer service. Earlier this year, Domino’s showed just how valuable their customer input was by launching a Facebook App called “Think Oven”. It serves as an incubator for ideas that will help to influence how Domino’s does business; Everything from consumer interaction to online presence to products. When consumers know that brands are listening, relationships are strengthened to a nearly unbreakable level.

These qualities are not a random set of occurrences; they are traits that good friends exhibit. Think about your best friends and consider that: they have similar interests, they “get” you, and they listen and react in a meaningful way. If your brand isn’t seeing the following or loyalty you expect, don’t be afraid to be a little more human, even if that means being a little less perfect.