Finding Your Brand’s Voice

The embodiment of your brand is more than its visual assets. It is how you live your mission, how your organization operates, and how it interacts with your audience. It is the stories you tell and the way you tell those stories is your brand’s voice.

Two key elements of developing your brand’s voice are perspective and personality. Perspective is something unique to say and personality is the unique way in which you say it. To begin the process of developing your brand’s voice, uncover the stories your brand has to tell.
Answer these questions:

  • Who is it?
  • What does it care about?
  • What does it want to be?
  • What about your organization has always been true?

Keep in mind that your brand story is not just about the products or services you offer, it’s about what people can do with them. People buy to satisfy emotional needs. They are seeking self-esteem, accomplishment, belonging, self-fulfillment, satisfaction. Tap into these motivators to unearth talking points the reader can relate to.

Once you have identified these talking points, you need to decide how you will talk about them. If you could choose any one celebrity or character to represent your company who would it be? What traits in their personality do you want to leverage for your brand’s voice?

When crafting messaging for your brand, imagine the voice of your chosen celebrity or character and write as you think they would speak. Whether you are writing copy for the web, print, voice overs, or advertising scripts you will want to use a conversational tone, because when we read our brain translates the written language into spoken language. Will your brand’s tone of voice be humble or arrogant, serious or funny, subtle or direct, informative or persuasive? Making and documenting these personality traits will ensure your organization’s brand voice is consistent and on point.