What Can Advertising Learn From The Super Bowl?

What can we learn from this year’s Super Bowl spots? Sure this year we had our share of the nutty and even the very strange (puppy monkey baby). But the ones that seem to resonate every year the deepest are the ones that connect us to universal truths. So no wonder that the 2016 Super Bowl Ad Meter results are in, and Hyundai is the big winner. The story of a dad and his daughter’s first date. Or Heinz’s ‘Wiener Stampede’, a little dog loving.

There are universal truths – no matter your age, gender or ethnicity. And it is not just the product, but what stands behind the product that matters. Ideas, when spurred from universal truths, can create genuine relationships between customers and brands and drive unshakable consumer loyalty. The best advertising campaigns use core emotional drivers to connect with their audiences on a significant and meaningful level. We learned in advertising long ago that human emotion is a powerful tool in the world of marketing. When used wisely, it can be the trigger that drives your audience to fall in love, deeply in love with your product. Great brands position their brand around the consumer. The best brands are the ones that are built from the consumer up, not from the company down.

So what have Super Bowel 50 ads taught us? When you can become a reflection of how your customer feels, what they believe in, what they hope for, what gives them joy, or how they see themselves, all the powerful emotions they feel will be passed on to your brand.