New technology offers healthcare providers first contact with consumers

When moving to a new area one of the biggest concerns for women is healthcare. Who will take care of her family’s healthcare needs from wellness, screenings, critical care to general services. Often the first provider she recognizes will become her life long support system for her and her family.

How would it serve your marketing goals to be able to be the first healthcare organization to connect to those moving into your community? Evolving technology allows us to do just that. Anoroc can help reach those moving into a community in real time with branded ads served directly to their home computers.

By targeting digital display with surgical precision in real time to those who just moved into your service area, we position your healthcare organization to make ‘first’ and lasting contact. When this is followed up by great strategy, you can count on gaining their trust and becoming their choice.

Anoroc helps empower healthcare marketing allowing better ROI through new and insightful digital strategies. Consider the power. Be the first to connect to new residents and welcome them to all the services your organization has to offer.  We further harness this initial contact by creating strategies to remain connected to these new targets. New technology allows us to take an unknown site visitor’s web address and map it back to their physical location allowing us to send direct mail follow up or ongoing digital.

We can deliver ads based on consumers’ actual attributes rather than using content or location as a proxy. There has never been a better time to reach new targets.

Anoroc is a digitally forward creative marketing agency. We help create platforms that engage healthcare consumers and drive conversion. We’re a full service agency offering marketing strategy, social marketing, branding, web development, and highly targeted digital marketing.

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