Positioning a struggling network of nursing homes to gaining 350 percent growth in census and became the preferred partner in previously inaccessible markets.


HealthMark manages and develops skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities across the country. HealthMark partnered with Anoroc to create positioning and messaging strategies that supported their goal of revitalizing tired facilities under the HealthMark brand in seven states. Anoroc created long-term brand strategy unique to each facility, their environment of operation and their diverse targets while establishing the governing HealthMark brand. Anoroc’s strategy and brand revitalization worked to increase census 350 percent.

HealthMark faced unusual challenges; rescuing stressed facilities in overly competitive markets. In some cases, local facilities had such poor reputations that they were locked out of their referral bases. Anoroc rebranded HealthMark focusing on a defining message that changed the conversation. Rebranding was followed by an intensive consumer-direct strategy that drove connection and established vital differentiation in over crowded markets. An employee engagement strategy was developed to build internal belief in a new vision.

The referral market received messaging communicating relevant needs-based benefits and testimonials of positive and satisfied patients. These efforts were supported by a message of empowered teams driven to deliver a new level of care and caring.

Platforms included: strategic messaging, tactical direction, logo creation, identity, advertising, collateral, environmental design within their facilities and brand ambassador training. Beyond collateral and advertising, Anoroc developed an intensive, grass-roots PR strategy designed to help facilities reposition away from tarnished reputations to those of quality, caring service providers.

To provide white label support to the management team, Anoroc created an identity system that enabled multiple facilities to share creative generated at a corporate level. Central to the creative was a logo system and business system that enabled HealthMark to group market the facilities as a collection or individually as needed. Anoroc assisted at the facility level when key marketing, advertising and market growth strategies were needed beyond the original strategy and positioning.

Because of Anoroc’s efforts, HealthMark facilities experienced 350% growth in census and became the preferred partner in previously inaccessible markets.