Energizing a 35-year-old brand to connect on a deeper level and stand out in a saturated market to gain record census in five months

Hospice of South Texas


This hospice committed 100% to change. When we initially asked what were their sacred cows, what things could we not change, their response was, “Nothing. You are the experts and we will go where you lead us.”  Strategies included a top to bottom rebrand. We created an entirely new brand aesthetic. The rebrand ignited new conversations through changing messaging, logo, website, content and collateral.

The rebranding reinvented conversations and positioned Hospice of South Texas to tell a new story. The brand was visually energized to connect on a deeper level with in-home gatekeepers and break out in a saturated market.

Then we empowered the new messaging through a strategic push that included: out of home, radio, social marketing, content marketing, SEO, print and TV.

Referral Market Repositioning

We changed their approach to sales and the conversations they were having with referral sources.

Their sales teams were active participants in monthly calls with our team adding their insights and sharing the obstacles they encountered. We refocused obstacles into new ways to position against the competition. We developed a tactical strategy to gain referrals from new audiences that were unsaturated in their service area. Strategic focus centered on gaining referrals that would not have been referrals, yet that were eligible for hospice. This strategy supported both their mission and vision and helped lead more individuals to the profound benefit of their care.

Their sales teams helped form and then deliver our strategies for change, and their top level CEOs embraced the changes.

Part of our strategy was also to market their inpatient unit, tactics included content marketing, social marketing and collateral redirection. Their social campaign drove hundreds of online conversations about the center and ignited peer to peer testimonials. The inpatient unit goals were surpassed.

Building Internal Brand Advocates

A critical key to the success was our strategy to engage internal teams and key stakeholders early in the process. Team members took ownership over their roles as marketers and they became emotionally vested in the rebrand. They wholeheartedly supported new conversations about who Hospice of South Texas was and what they delivered each and every day to those their cared for. The entire organization moved forward together.