Merging 4 Companies Into An Industry Leader

Litera Microsystems


Litera Microsystems came to us as four international (London, Ukraine, New York, Chicago) technology companies in the process of a merger. Each company had a diverse set of strengths and unaligned positioning. They partnered with Anoroc to guide them through a rebrand that would ensure maintained brand equity for all four companies and position them as not only stronger together, but as the national and international leader in data technology.


Working on a merger like this requires immense research, planning, and organization. In order to develop who the new company will be, you first need to understand the existing ones. You need to grasp their values, their goals, their competitors, and their self-perception. We worked closely with all companies to assimilate them into one, creating an effective new brand, position, messaging, and story.

Basic Branding and Design Elements

Anoroc created a new logo that took elements from their existing branding and designed a mark that symbolizes growth and the process a document goes through within the Litera Microsystems software. Anoroc implemented a new marketing strategy and conversation-changing branding to position Litera Microsystems as a leading tech company following their corporate restructure.


When large companies merge, a rebrand is critical to ensure the emerging company retains clients and brand equity while also telling a positive story of increased capability. Our challenge was to deliver a rebrand that spoke to the value of their union while maintaining what was inherent to each individual organization.


For the emerging company, we created case studies, white papers, and strategic sales collateral to fully develop a completely integrated, aggressively positioned tech company with refreshed and unified marketing materials.


What resulted from the successful merger was a well-integrated and fully established brand that positioned them as a powerhouse in the tech industry—retaining existing clients and expanding to gain more. With the knowledge and service from each organization, and our strategies, Litera Microsystems remains the industry leader for document solutions.