Starting a New Conversation for a Prominent Non-Profit



The Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities is a non-profit that has been prominent in the fabric of their community for 50 years. With services ranging from residential living programs to early childhood intervention, the Tammy Lynn Center provides hope, opportunities, and care to those living with physical and intellectual challenges. On the cusp of their 50th anniversary, they were facing growing identity obstacles – the beloved nonprofit had outgrown its name. The Tammy Lynn Center was more than just a place; using the word center in their name was confusing. They also were no longer just serving people with developmental disabilities. They needed a name that wasn’t so restrictive. They came to Anoroc seeking a complete rebrand and name change to better reflect who they are, what they do, and why they matter.


To gain a sense of the existing awareness and perception of the Tammy Lynn Center, Anoroc conducted Discovery Research to determine what Tammy Lynn gave those they served and what this organization has meant in the lives they touched. Research included focus groups with the staff, donors, families of those served, and the Board of Directors and DNA and Brand Discovery Workshops. The Discovery Research allowed us to unearth key drivers that would steer the rename and rebranding. We discovered what The Tammy Lynn Center meant to the lives they touched well beyond the services they provided. Brand Workshops enabled in depth conversations focused on how to maintain the inherent brand affinity, built over the past 50 years, while also having the courage to have new conversations about who the Tammy Lynn Center was becoming. Insights gained drove the name concepting—an extremely involved process that consisted of months of research, whiteboarding, and some…interesting ideas (We’re firm believers of the ‘no bad ideas’ mantra here at Anoroc).  The resulting name offered deep, timeless, and positive brand connection. A accompanying tagline and mission statement update now expressed not only who the Tammy Lynn Center was and their brand promise, but who they are elevating to become—now, and in the years to come.

Basic Branding and Design Elements

We developed a new name that retained brand equity while not limiting their adapting services, and a new mark that spoke to the empowerment, unity and support they bring to those they serve. A shorter and more effective mission statement and tagline present a more defined and inclusive direction for TLC.


Since the Tammy Lynn Center was already so renowned in the community, we needed to come up with a name that focused on the future while still maintaining their brand equity and recognition. The name TLC is a powerful callback to the Tammy Lynn Center but is also a dynamic standalone with familiar and comforting interpretations.

Favorite Detail

After discovering how strongly the tagline truly reflected their brand promise and value, we incorporate it as an engaging art element throughout the website and print collateral. We love how it adds a striking pop of color while dynamically emphasizing TLC’s purpose and value.