Forging The Unique in A Saturated Market

Unique Batik


Unique Batik is a wholesaler and online retailer of fair trade goods including batiked clothing, jewelry, and art. Unique Batik realized that it was time for an updated conversation that would better tell the story behind their wares and speak to the impact they have on the lives of their artisans. They teamed with Anoroc to create a new conversation for this established brand. Brand elements needed to include a new tagline, brand voice, and packaging design.


Research, research, research. We spent a lot of time looking at brands that focus on social good and that appeal to a similar demographic. Target research included discovery of what drove the purchase of fair trade products and how those who bought similar products aligned their self view with their brand choices. Our goal became to differentiate Unique Batik from other fair trade brands that saturate the market. We introduced an engaging and meaningful visual conversation that told the stories behind the products to connect their customers more deeply with their artisans.

Basic Branding and Design Elements

We used fun, bright colors and added texture and handwritten fonts to pull the ‘hand crafted’ aspects of the products into the packaging design. Since the client wanted a sense of whimsy, we incorporated stories of the product traveling over mountains, oceans and jungles to make their way from the artisan to the purchaser who would now continue their journey. This made the buyer feel a part of something larger than themselves. To give recognition to the product’s origin, packaging was decorated with a unique pattern specific to each country.


There’s so many fair trade brands that are similar to each other and to Unique Batik, so one of the biggest challenges was creating something that stood out in a crowded market.

Favorite Detail

We designed a “country card” to put on products that are from the various countries that partner with Unique Batik. We were able to design each country card with a pattern from an actual product from that country. We love this small detail that makes each tag truly unique and authentic.