When you think of advertising, your mind automatically goes to all the exciting and fun products that are begging to be promoted in a creative, memorable manner. The energy drink that gets endorsed by a world-class athlete, the clothing company that was designed for colorful, aesthetically-pleasing Instagram shots. But what about the less interesting: pest control, shipping containers, and financial advisors? They need to be advertised, too. And even more difficult than those: healthcare.

Healthcare advertising has made agencies scratch their heads for decades. It can be very lucrative, but it is also very serious, very regulated, and because of this, tends to be very boring. It’s tough to be innovative and creative when required safety information takes up precious ad space, when every word choice is scrutinized by a term of medical experts, and when sometimes you aren’t even sure if you’re speaking to consumers or to doctors.

Because of the strict guidelines surrounding healthcare advertising, most agencies end up creating something “safe”, and we’ve all seen the product of this caution: a cheesy video of a woman and her friends at a nightclub, an elderly couple holding hands on the beach, a comforting voiceover saying, “our drug can get you back to the things you love”. This is boring, stifled, and exhausted. It’s so familiar that ads for seasonal allergies and depression start running together, one no different from the next.

But, every once in a while, there’s a stand-out healthcare campaign that pushes the envelope, delivers a brilliant message, and inspires healthcare marketers everywhere.

New York Presbyterian Hospital, Patient Stories

Everyone loves a good success story, especially when it involves an incredible medical team saving children’s’ lives. New York Presbyterian Hospital’s video and online campaign beautifully recounts patient and hospital employee testimonies in a simple, effective format. This campaign is authentic—real people telling real stories. And trust me, it evokes real emotions.

Carilion Clinic, #YESMAMM Breast Cancer Campaign

In order to raise awareness about the importance of mammography and early breast cancer detection, Carilion Clinic of Virginia created the #YESMAMM campaign. Using the hashtag #YESMAMM on Twitter, the clinic answered questions about breast cancer and mammography, and drove women to their website to schedule a mammogram. This campaign is a perfect example of the effective and brilliant use of social media and hashtags.

Samsung Back Up Memory

Samsung took a truly innovative approach in their marketing with their app Backup Memory. The goal of this app is to stimulate the memory of early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia patients by using photos and events to jog memories. The app uses Bluetooth to detect when family members are nearby and aims to help bring up pictures and memories so the person can be identified and recollected. While technically this is a Samsung ad, it still brings awareness to the everyday struggle of those living with Alzhiemer’s, and it does so in an ingenious and memorable way.

Healthcare marketing can be a struggle for even the most visionary marketers, but when it works, it works. And at Anoroc, we know what works. We know how to establish and grow healthcare brands, how to make you stand out from the boring and overused, and how inspire an entire industry.

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