Two of our newest hospice partners reached record census within a few weeks of one another. We talked about the strategy and dedication to new conversations that led to historic census for the southern hospice here.

But I received an email last week from a multi-state hospice asking Anoroc to develop a celebratory campaign for their team – they had reached an historic record census (highest census in their long history). It was certainly time to celebrate.

Their path to record census began with DNA Discovery that unearthed who they are, what makes them different and what unduplicated value they offer. These insights helped us forge a singular and ownable brand experience. We discovered their brand opportunity and shaped the evolution of their brand to forge a powerful bond between them and their audiences. When organizations have regulated services (like hospice), making all providers seem similar, this can be a challenge and you have to look well beyond the services provided. We developed a strategic conversation-changing rebrand that included refocused messaging, new visual story-telling that aligned their unique value and purpose with key audiences, and designated target appeals.

We then created an enhanced market presence through a rebrand that included: a new website, messaging, social media, content marketing and collateral strategy. Collateral was refocused into defined tactical conversations that position this hospice as the solution to discovered referral burdens. Key strategies began to reshape conversations about the role the hospice could play beyond a service provider transitioning them to be viewed as a ‘solution’ provider. In addition, we developed opportunities to gain undiscovered referrals vs. competing directly with other hospices.

We took a hard look at sales teams and strategies. We worked in tandem with their director of sales to rebuild a strong and focused sales team empowered with more effective ways to prove their value, redirect objections and unearth new opportunities. Tactical strategies began to open once closed doors as their team members embraced their role as marketers. We helped this hospice discover the true value of what they offered and how to tell a unique and tangible story of their purpose and value. One that was distinct from all others. It took creating an authentic voice, a compelling brand story told through powerful design and imagery backed by new conversations with key audiences. 
Now we’re working on an internal campaign to celebrate their entire team’s success. Learn more about how we can help your hospice build successful strategies that gain market share