Millennials simply view life differently. Marketing real estate to them takes a vastly different approach than marketing to other generations.

Having grown up in an expanding world of choice and options for just about everything they ever needed or wanted, they see limitless possibilities. They don’t see just see one path available to them. The biggest mistake marketers make today is expecting Millennials to act like and fall in line with other generations. They don’t and they won’t. So marketing needs to adapt. Especially marketing real estate. Old values like selling ‘prestige’ or a ‘you’ve arrived’ won’t work with Millennials. It is very different values that drive them.

So how do you connect to this new group of consumers?

First, understand and speak to the values that do drive them – happiness, passion, diversity, sharing, and discovery.

Second, understand their sought lifestyles and desired experiences. Then find ways to amplify their sought reality with storytelling that connects their values and goals to your property. But be sure you do it in an authentic way, which leads us to our third point…

Third, Millennials value authenticity over everything else. They’re more likely to listen to a fellow consumer as opposed to traditional advertising. So refocus your marketing dollars where you can gain social impact and create shared dialogue.

Fourth, they are design savvy and value the power of graphic design. No print is not dead, it just needs to be remarkable. Meaning your logo, marketing collateral, website and other brand encounters better intrigue, excite and visually engage.

Lastly, learn what they respond to and what matters to them. Then communicate with them through marketing + messaging designed to work in the channels they frequent.

These new consumers are anxious to rent or purchase it just takes communicating with them from their point of view.

Anoroc creates dynamic real estate branding, identity, marketing, web, social and digital experiences that engage Millennials by embodying a reflection of their own values to drive choice.