Real estate marketing is changing quickly. It still begins with the right branding and messaging, if those elements aren’t right then nothing will be effective. But how we deliver messaging and our ability to connect one on one is changing daily—all working to give us much better return on investment through heightened targeting.

Evolving technology is enabling better engagement with real estate consumers, with new targeting technology. Marketers can now deliver digital messaging to an individual’s home, apartment complex or building to tap into market segments looking for your product.

It begins with great research, target understanding and creative that is tested to deliver, and ends with the ability to more dramatically target message delivery and gain insights through analytics.

Real estate marketing is now more empowered allowing better ROI. When creating your marketing mix, consider the power of new marketing technology that can allow you to segment messaging by target location, interest or need. Though traditional banner ads can still add to conversion rates, newer technology is able to serve targeted digital display with surgical precision. Updated tactics allow you to reach targets with messaging designed specifically for them. And thus gain higher click-through rates, usually over 3 times industry average.

Traditional marketing, like direct mail, can now blend with new technology. New technology will also allow us to take an unknown site visitor’s web address and map it back to their physical location allowing us to send direct mail follow up.

Marketers can now deliver ads based on consumers’ actual attributes rather than using content or location as a proxy. There has never been a better time to be in real estate marketing.

Anoroc is a digitally forward real estate creative marketing agency. We help create platforms that engage consumers and drive conversion. We’re a full service agency offering name development, logos, web development, sales collateral, and highly targeted digital marketing.