When marketing a health related product or service the most important target is understandably the in home gatekeeper. She makes 85% of the healthcare decisions in the home. She is also the target who will tell you that healthcare companies totally don’t get her. In fact 85% of women will claim healthcare advertisers don’t understand her.

So what is missing in their efforts to connect to this powerful decision maker?

Connection, engagement, authenticity, value and truth. It takes connecting to this powerful decision maker in real and profound ways that resonate with her. It is not about guessing what matters. Believe me, she will easily feel patronized. It is about understanding this gatekeeper better than they understand themselves. It’s taken us close to two decades of gathering intensive data on what will drive her action to choose a certain healthcare provider, to truly know what to say, where to say it and how.

If you want to add reaching this powerful decision maker to your marketing mix then consider re-inventing your conversations with her. Truly examine how you are communicating with her. Then build strategies and messages based on intensive research that tell your story like it has never been told before, in a way she will find hard to ignore. In a way that will matter to her. Then be sure to give these messages the power to be heard.