As we look at new beginnings in the approaching new year, it may be time to rediscover the true value of what you have to offer and how to tell a more unique and tangible story of your purpose and value. One that is distinct from all others.

Visual identity and graphic design evoke recognition, meaning and emotional connection that aligns with a brand’s value and purpose. Visual brand storytelling builds real connection and distinguishes who you are, what you have to offer, and why you matter. It engages through all brand touch points to drive deeper connection between you and your audience. 

But what happens when your brand feels dated or no longer tells the story of who you currently are? It is important to realize your brand is not just your logo, it is literally every encounter someone could have with your organization: name, logo, website, brochures, social media, employees, tradeshow, packaging, to environmental design. 

How do you know when the very channels that communicate who you are, often to someone for the very first time, are sending a message that is misaligned? 

Asking yourself key questions can help you take a more ‘outside’ look at your brand and your messaging. Does your brand and messaging accomplish these critical goals:

Are you selling what makes you different? What unduplicated value do you offer? 

How well are you telling your story? Are you forging a singular and ownable brand experience at EVERY opportunity? 

Is your messaging relevant, or are you only explaining what you do or what you offer? 

Are your brand encounters designed to successfully forge a powerful bond between your organization and your audience?

Are you differentiating from your competition or telling a similar story?

Are you telling a powerful brand story that is authentic, purposeful, inspirational, and only one you can tell?

Do you really know who you are communicating with? What matters to them? Are you connecting on a powerful, real and emotional level?

Does your brand make you seem as if nothing has changed about your organization in the last 5 years? 

If someone encountered your brand and knew nothing about your company would they believe you were static or that you were evolving, modern and progressively meeting changing needs?

How you answer these questions, even if you simply can’t answer them, will tell if it’s time for a brand and communications review. 

Engaging a partner, like Anoroc, can help you gain an unbiased and real assessment of whether your brand is working to build successful encounters that lead to growth and protecting your market share or if you need some minor or major adjustments. 

Any organization with any longevity will one day realize they must change the conversation. They must alter perceptions that drive how others see them. Rebranding focuses on strengthening your brand message. Rebranding can help protect what you have built by ensuring you continue to connect in an authentic way to prove your purpose and value to those you hope to serve. 

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