Here’s to the crazy ones. The Misfits.
The Rebels. The Trouble Makers.

Just like us, the ones who never quite fit in.
The perfect Anoroc Sidekicks.


Muñequita can scale just about any wall in her path and her supersonic speed rivals “The Flash”. She serves as the runner, supplying information from the outside world into Deb’s secret lair. Muñe is known to the pack as “the party animal” because she never knows when to quit, and will play until exhaustion. Muñequita came to Deb after being neglected in her previous home. She is of Mexican descent; which was the inspiration for her name, which means “little doll”, but don’t let that fool you!


Roxy is Deb’s personal prodigy. She gains all other wonderdog powers to do Deborah’s bidding. Roxy truly believes she is the goddess of the office, and her pillow throw and diamond collar will attest to her greatness. As the ultimate ruler and leader of the pack, and the only non-rescue dog, she is the most deserving of any and all attention (according to Roxy). Her righteousness commands respect and anyone who does not display the proper  gratitude or pleasantries will be at the mercy of her ear piercing bark.


Scarlet is the team’s Blind Oracle. Known to insiders as “Scarrrrr”— she doesn’t need eyes to foresee a brand’s next move, or upcoming trends in consumer behavior. Her natural adorableness often disguises her as a stuffed animal to untrained clients, little do they know that she possesses infallible powers. Unfortunately, she only reveals her prophecies to Deb, which is why she is always within arm’s reach. Known to many as the world’s smallest secret weapon, she proves that good things come in small packages.


Master Deb found this pup tossed in a dumpster with seven other litter mates. She stood out from the rest with her chivalric attitude and undoubted spirit. She was badly injured and could not walk, but with Deb’s healing power, she recovered steadily. Named for the great boxer, Jack Dempsey, she’s proven her fighter’s heritage and races younger dogs with an unwavering perseverance. Dempsey is the ultimate sweetheart, always exuding the same compassion that was given to her in her darkest hour.


Kade, is the quiet Watchdog! She’ll keep pretty quiet, simply observing, until she has to stand up for an injustice! Then Kade is a fearless keeper, protecting the Lair until everything is restored to normalcy and all is in order! Kade is loyal to all of Anoroc’s Brand Heroes, but has a special place under her watchful eye for Alex. Don’t let her reticence fool you—Kade will be our guardian as we work away in our secret Lair!