Communications Planning + Positioning Strategy

Every organization needs a clear message focused on meeting business objectives that delivers measurable results. Anoroc helps organizations clarify exactly who they are trying to reach and why.

We help organizations focus their messaging and create audience-focused, effective strategies that help you meet specific business objectives. Effective communications planning is essential to success.

Our process includes:

We begin by asking a series of probing questions and conducting research about target audiences and the environment in which you operate. We take an in depth look at the words your various audiences use to talk about your organization; their understanding of what you deliver, their feelings and perceptions, and how they view your purpose and value.

We’ll look at how you communicate with your vital target audiences, the channels you use and the messaging and brand experiences you are offering.

We facilitate discovery sessions where we bring your management and staff together for honest and lively discussions about what it is you want to express, who you are speaking to, the challenges you face and ultimately, how to frame your messaging.

Each of your key audiences has different desires, needs, expectations, and motivations.  Our planning process helps define who you want to reach and focuses on empowering your messaging to be precise and effective.

Clear, compelling messaging that deeply resonates with your target audience is the foundation of an effective communications effort. Messaging helps shape your desired  perception and provides the context that drives emotional connection. Great messaging speaks to the heart first then to the mind.

Anoroc helps organizations create audience-focused messages that compel those who matter to your success to understand the benefits you deliver. We create messages that spark engagement and drive choice or support.

Our communications planning process focuses on generating alignment among your team members and your stakeholders through structured, facilitated conversations.  Our process helps generate buy-in and support for the plan. Integral to crafting the message is addressing key organizational issues to make the plan successful.

Amplifying your message through targeted channels is key to growing your reach and influence. We help you focus on the right channels, protecting your investment and aligning your resources to deliver the best ROI. Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Location Based Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Traditional Media and Email Marketing, can all be part of a powerful mix. But it’s ensuring the right mix for your product or service that strategically aligns with your consumer’s journey.

Measuring impact can be complex and complicated. The most important metrics are those that indicate if you are meeting the overall goals of your communication efforts. We’ll help you measure what matters. Whether it is awareness, brand affinity, action, purchase or engagement, metrics must be focused on measuring what you see as success.

Our communications planning helps companies and organizations who:

  • need to clarify their message and purpose
  • need to re-engage stakeholders to enhance stakeholder relationships or gain stakeholder buy-in
  • need to reposition in their markets
  • are facing new competition or market fluctuations
  • are emerging in new markets
  • are extending products or services


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law marketing branding brochure raleigh nc

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