Holding Village

Category: Real Estate

A new living option in Wake Forest, NC, that reminds you of the joy of wholesome, simpler times. A community where we’re reminded that some of the best times are throwing a stick for your dog into the lake or laying on the grass staring up at the clouds with your kid, not in front of a screen. Holding Village is on the site of a former dairy farm owned by the Holding family, who were instrumental in the establishment of the town of Wake Forest between 1880-1920.


Anoroc developed the visual identity and host of promotional materials. Including social media posts, brochure for prospective homeowners, banners, event invitations and more, Anoroc was instrumental in building a strong brand to deliver solid results.

Through the marketing and home sale process realtors were hearing from potential homeowners that they were unsure where kids would play in the community with no traditional playgrounds. Anoroc developed a creative solution inspired by the imagination of a child that took the form of a coloring book and social media posts that would show how exploring the outdoors is good for growing minds.

Anoroc developed a video for a virtual tour of one of the model homes in a successful campaign to drive followers on social media to see what their dream home could be.