Hospice Care of South Carolina


Hospice Care of South Carolina (HCSC) is the leading hospice provider in the state with 25 local community offices serving all 46 South Carolina counties. Hospice Care of South Carolina was founded in May 1997 by two nursing home administrators. The first hospice office was located in Spartanburg and soon after additional offices opened in Cherokee, Union and Greenville counties. Since South Carolina is non-CON state, this hospice care provider continues to face growing competition.


HCSC partnered with Anoroc to take this leading hospice brand to the next level. HSCS became focused on updating this decade-plus year old company to engage with consumers, gatekeepers and opinion leaders on a deeper level. Strategies included social influence marketing, social media engagement, on-line communities replacing static web sites and new media vehicles that would allow real ongoing dialogue between HCSC and the many targets they served.