Consumer Goods

When Anoroc took on MOHU as a client, we took their product and compared it to the products, design, and marketing strategies of other direct competitors, as well as researched consumer reports and reviews on the product to better understand initial consumer reaction. Using this information we were able to create a packaging design that fully integrated our solutions for initial legibility concerns as well as our cutting edge design strategy that will ultimately place this product on a higher level of credibility in the eye of the consumer.


The newly illustrated simple isometric drawing promotes a look that easily distinguishes and promotes advanced technology more than simple imagery. The bar of information at the bottom makes it an easy point to focus on the capabilities of the Leaf and easily obtain the product details at a moment’s glance. The illustrated diagram shows how easily the Leaf works as well as removes the confusion of whether it needs a third part accessory to work. The accessory devices are now listed below to show how you can complete the cut from cable, but are not necessary.